Meet Spomenka

To see Spomenka Nikic, you’d never believe just how much she has been through to get where she is today. She’s certainly someone who enjoys making the most of the good life in Vancouver with her husband, Radislav, and their two children, Andrea and Boris. In fact, she’s so full of spirit and energy these days, it speaks volume about her genuine character and positive determination.

A Life-Altering Experience
Spomenka was born and raised in Bosnia & Herzegonvina. Her family was actually fairly well off and, together, they enjoyed a great lifestyle. But when civil war erupted in Yugoslavia, their world was shaken to the ground. Times quickly became tough for everyone and it inspired young Spomenka to seek better opportunities in life. To further complicate things, she had fallen in love, got married and started a family.

That wouldn’t seem like a challenge, but in terms of religion, Spomenka and Radislav were a mixed marriage. It was tough for them to find support from others, which made it hard for them to get the help they needed to find their way out of the country.

Seizing Opportunities
They were able to persevere and ultimately found refuge in Winnipeg, but their journey was far from over. They packed up everything they had drove to Vancouver, where they had found some friends and family who helped them settle into their new life. Spomenka now looks back on this experience as having made her stronger. It has given her further resolve to make the most of every opportunity in life and to always keep a positive outlook. “Today, everyone in our family is closer than ever,” she says. “We love to travel back to Bosnia and all over the world to experience new cultures. It makes me value all that life has to offer, especially here in the Vancouver area.:”

Spomenka has definitely seized her opportunities here. She started as a property manager for a large apartment building, which introduced her to the world of real estate. Spomenka quickly realized that it was her true calling and since 2000, she has been a premier real estate sales professional focusing on the Vancouver community.

Find Your Way Home
Spomenka takes great pride in helping others “find their way home.” Even though some of her own moves in life were quite dramatic, she knows that any move has an incredible emotional impact on everyone involved. That’s why Spomenka is so committed to providing her clients with the information and guidance they need to seize their opportunities and make sound investment decisions. She has a very low-pressure approach and, not surprisingly, her patience is unmatched. “I want people to get results that are right for them,” she says. “Nothing is more important to me than that.”

If you are buying or selling a home in the Grater Vancouver area, Find Your Way Home with Spomenka Nikic. Call her today and see how her experience, care and compassion will help you make your real estate dreams come true.